This Mother's Day Give Her The Love She Deserves With Ayouthveda

Mothers Day 2021

Every day is meant to love your mom, but do you know why Mother’s Day is celebrated? It is a day to honor the LOVELY mothers and acknowledge their unique contribution to building a healthy family & society. Every year this Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and this year it is on 9th May 2021. On this special day let’s make some small efforts & surprise her with your devotion. 

Here’s are some comforting ideas that will help you plan out a special day for her: 

  • Give her a break: Every mom is on her toes since morning in cleaning the house, cooking food, and washing dishes 365 days & 24X7 without excepting any rewards. To show the love we hold for her, She deserves a pampering day off. So this Mother’s Day utilize your Sunday & pamper your mother and show the care you have in your heart for her. 
  • Prepare her favorite dish at Home: Cherish your mom with her most liked dish. As it is said showing love starts from the stomach, presents her with her favorite meal, and makes her happy. Plan out this day, full of good food purely cooked by you, and yes wash all the dishes used and clean the mess you made.
  • Spend quality time with her: A mom wishes to spend time with her kids, but with all the workload and busy lifestyle of the children. We find our mothers watching TV alone or just working at home. So this weekend, share your feelings with her & make her feel special. 
  • Surprise her with a gift that cares: Remember all those surprises you got from your mother which you never expected? Your mom has been giving you gifts which keep you near to nature for like forever, don’t worry  we understand that you desire to return the love in the most natural & caring way. AYOUTHVEDA presents you with the best of nature which is so unique and loveable just like your mom. Surprise YOUR SUPERMOM with an Ayouthveda pack of nature on your doorstep.  

Ayouthveda special range of face, hair & body care products  will protect your mom from the world of harsh chemical-based personal care products and introduces her to Real Natural personal care that will keep her healthy and safe for longer.

Now, What are you waiting for ? Get ready to work for the whole day and give your Mother a break she deserves. Remember it’s just one left, gear up you guys. Give her all the love & care