Sink Into The Tub Of Natural Hydration With Aquatic Lotus Body Wash

Hey ! Have you seen the internet is all rounded up with the best in bees SELF LOVE DIYs, laced with multiple ingredients that look too good to be true, but don’t you think when it comes to self-love there is nothing better than a pampering bath ?

Well, no matter whether you love to be all covered up in bubbles of intense hydration or looks for deep cleansing, we got you all covered with best to go with ingredients that’ll work amazingly great for both you & your BFF. However, if you think that buying an expensive shower gel is the only way to get nourished skin, you’re wrong.

Here we have the best body wash that will definitely twist your everyday shower & keep you away from chemical based lathers. Just to take your morning shower to the next level AYOUTHVEDA introduces super hydrating body wash- Aquatic lotus  body wash  that smells better than your favourite flower.

Check out the super skin nourishing ingredients you’ll have in your next body wash-


  •   LOTUS: Queen of the Pond           

Aaha! The mesmerizing aroma of this spiritually practised, hydrating flower- Lotus will lend a delightful effect on your everyday bathing experience. It not only just relaxes your senses but also nourishes & hydrates your skin. The divine lotus is packed with abundant skin nourishing elements that effectively improves skin texture leaving it clean, vibrant & polished all day along.


  •   REETHA: Versatile cleanser 

    An age old effective cleanser, known for its natural skin moisturising properties- Reetha, is your next bathing essential ingredient as it not only works great for hairs but also contains natural surfactant (saponin) that helps create natural chemical free form (lather) which naturally clean surface impurities, dust, oil, grime & leave you with glowing skin


    •  HOLY BASIL- Healing herb

    This incredible plant is revered as a sacred herb in hindu mythology- Holy Basil, comes with a hint of sweet essence that not only protects skin from damage but also believed to have skin healing powers. Basil due to its effective antioxidant, antibacterial properties deeply detox skin & ensures youthful looking skin.


    •  ALOE VERA - The king of hydration


    The thorny plant “ Aloe Vera” is the magician of our skin. It works as the biggest monster for allergies, acne, sunburn and redness. The leaf is enriched with super soothing & moisturizing actions that will protect your skin from all the environmental factors. 


    Now, you see why we are over the top for the purely made body wash by Ayouthveda. It’s time to grab your bottle of the purest herbal formula specially formulated for your lovely skin and experience the wave of hydration every time you take a bath.