Let Her Outshine This Mother's Day




Mommies are never done with work; from experimenting with various cuisines to handling all those family meltdowns, she manages all the hustle with a smile. However, while fulfilling all family needs as a priority, she often forgets to take care of herself & put her body ask on the back burner. Her endless sacrifice & neglectance is timely seen as a result of dull skin, puffy eyes & falling hair. Acknowledging the fact that God cannot be everywhere, they created "Mothers on Earth ".

"This mother's day takes a chance to express the love & care you have for your supermom & encourage her to take valuable chances & take time out for herself. Here are a few things you can do for your mother & let her shine bright.

#Let her sleep like a baby

Be it your nappy days or night before your exams; mommies countlessly have stayed awake to give a peaceful sleep. She has always compromised her sleep for everyone, which leads to dark circles, swollen eye bags & shrunken eyes. So from now make her sleep a priority & let her sleep for a good 8-10 hours daily. This will not just help with achieving good health but also bring back the lost glow.

#Ensures healthy food habits

Skipping meals is a standard trial among Indian mothers. So while up till now she was taking care of your diet, it's your time to bring more fresh green veggies and fruits on her plate, and yes, don't forget to add nuts to her diet as it will help her prevent those hair falling havoc.

#Encourage her to switch to natural skincare products .

The toxic weather is taking troll over health; all these chemical-filled products ranging from face wash to daily shampoo, are bringing no good to your mother's skin & hair health. In fact, surprisingly, these chemicals are found to be the main culprit in accelerating the early signs of ageing. So this mother's day, introduce your mother to the safe, natural & results-driven brand Ayouthveda, where each & every product is chemical-free & is made keeping your mothers safety in mind.

#Take the stress away from home

Moms are born sensitive, and anything good or bad can trigger their emotional receptors. So to prevent those stressed-out facial expressions on your mom's face, encourage her to do yoga, and mediation & trust us, weekly Champi with warm, nourishing hair oil & deep discussion can be a great stress buster.

#Get her active

Getting active is the last thing our moms ever imagined in their routines. Therefore, from this Sunday, taking your mom out either for a morning walk or a walk to the grocery store can work too. Let her indulge in various activities as it is excellent for her overall well-being & it too brings quality time for you both.

Lastly, mothers are the true nurturers; there has always been the real foundation of our lives & will always be the beat to our soul. Giving her anything is a blessing & ya mother's day is just another day.; every day is dedicated to all those supermoms who hold the world with their smiles.

                                Happy Mother's Day Real Heroes