Dr Mohd. Junaid

Dr. Mohd Junaid

Designation : Ayurveda consultant

Speciality : Specialist in Skin, Lifestyle and Chronic disease Mgmt.

Experience : 17+ Years

Education : BAMS, MD (Ay.)

Patient Treated : 35000+

*About Consultant:*
A significant face in ayurveda fraternity, Dr. Mohd. Junaid is an Ayurvedic graduate from the University of Delhi and post graduate from Uttaranchal ayurved University. Having an aptitude for the treatment and the counseling of the patients suffering from Various Skin, lifestyle and chronic disorders. Dr. Mohd. Junaid has comforted various patients through herbal preparations. He is profound for the counseling sessions to patients .


-Providing regular counseling sessions to the patients.

-Providing advice for food that can act as a catalyst for recovery.

-Organizing medical camps in different parts of country.

-Prescribing main line as well as adjunct medication needed for faster recovery.

*Experience as Ayurvedic practitioner:*

-Running clinic as an Ayurveda practitioner.

-Seeking the solutions for the complaints of the patients with Ayurvedic medicines.

-Taking care of lifestyle disorders of the patients.

-Yoga and Meditation Expert.

*Experience as Ayurveda consultant in AIMIL Pharmaceuticals(I) Ltd.:*

-Worked exhaustlessly on key position of R & D Team.

-Worked on various herbs & herbal preparations to evaluate their efficacy and safety.

- Introduced & developed Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes, piles, constipation etc. and various ayurvedic personal care products.

-Organized scientific seminars & conferences on various health issues.

-Coordinated clinical trials for evaluation of medicine efficacy.

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery 1998-2003, University of Delhi, Delhi Govt.

MD (Ay.) from Uttaranchal ayurved University, dehradun, uttrakhand.

Clinical & Training experience in different Govt. hospitals of Delhi i.e. Deen Dayal Hospital, GTB Hospital, Aruna Asif Ali Hospital, Ambedkar Hospital, Hedgewar Hospital, etc.