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AIMIL Ayouthveda, where Ayurveda's brilliance meets the trust of 40+ years! Our remarkable journey commenced on February 14th, 2020, under the leadership of dedicated scientist Dr. Sanchit Sharma, driven by his extensive research and mastery of Phytochemistry & natural products. At AIMIL Ayouthveda, we passionately blend traditional Ayurvedic rituals and the rich cultural heritage of ancient Vedic times with ultra-modern pharma R&D to bring a youthful and radiant you, helping you feel great, beautiful, and confident.


The liking for personal care products is rising fast, and so is the personal care industry. However, there remains a lot of scope for the development of personal care products that remain effective, safe, non-toxic, and impart excellent good skin health in the process rather than having the risk of adverse events. Aimil Pharmaceuticals (India) Limited, since its inception in the year 1984, has been well-known in the Ayurvedic pharmaceutical industry for its quality products with the difference, addressing the specified, difficult-to-treat ailments with a very high success rate, well to the expectations of medical professionals, with safety & non-toxicity. Simultaneously, these products have been found to impart overall good health and improve the quality of life of patients, in line with the basic premise of Ayurveda.


The present market scenario and highly successful background of rich experience of utilizing natural resources based on ancient knowledge validated by modern research prompted the organization to sincerely serve the masses with personal care products of outstanding quality, which remain effective, safe, and non-toxic with the added advantage of nourishing the specified body system.


The first step towards our commitment was materialized with the launch of "Aimil Ayouthveda (India) Limited" on 14 February 2020 under the noble leadership of young, dynamic, and dedicated scientist, Dr. Sanchit Sharma, having inspiration from Sh. K.K Sharma, the managing director of Aimil Pharmaceuticals (India) Limited and a devoted follower of Ayurveda. In the short span, after the launch of Ayouthveda, the organization has made its presence felt as a quality personal care one in the national & international market.


With the sincere efforts of the organization being appreciated by even a highly competitive market, the organization has been honored with:


  1. "Brand of the Year" in the Hair Care Category at the Channelier FMCG Awards 2021
  2. "Best D2C Brand of the Year" Award-2023 for skin care products under the omnichannel strategy at D2C India, India's new commerce conference
  3. Ranked among the "Top 100 D2C brands" of India by Entrepreneur India in 2022


We at Aimil Ayouthveda (India) Limited remain committed to serving the best products to our honored markets in the personal care product range, meeting all the desired and required parameters viz.


  1. Products are free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, silicones, sulfates & petroleum products.
  2. Products being free from artificial fragrance (only nature-derived fragrances utilized)
  3. Incorporation of best-selected quality herbal components and also supporting ingredients complying with national/international standards with the added advantage of imparting the inherent benefits of Ayurveda, including good skin health with radiance.
  4. Following societal aspects, developing products without causing cruelty to animals.

Ayouthveda has successfully transcended borders, making its mark in more than 38 countries across the globe. Our brand has been embraced by people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, resonating with individuals worldwide. Our products have gained recognition for their exceptional quality, meeting the stringent standards set by European countries that adhere to the strictest quality standards across the globe. Ayouthveda takes immense pride in being accepted globally and positively impacting lives with Ayurvedic brilliance.


While seeking encouragement from you that motivates us to continue our dedicated endeavors in serving you, we invite you to join us in the transformative journey toward experiencing the brilliance of Ayurveda and unlocking your true beauty, naturally.




Premium Ayurveda at Reasonable Price


At Ayouthveda we have meticulously crafted an extensive range of personal care products using the safest ingredients of exceptional quality. Each formulation is designed to offer the highest therapeutic value for your skin. We understand the importance of reasonable pricing, and that's why we offer our products at competitive prices, ensuring that everyone can experience the gift of nature and Ayurveda. Embrace the excellence of Ayouthveda, where premium Ayurveda is made accessible to all.


Simple, Natural, Effective


Our formulations are free from artificial colors, fragrances, harsh chemicals like sulfates, silicone, petroleum products, parabens and animal testing, ensuring that your skin receives only the best, most natural care. We proudly offer dermatologically tested, clinically studied, and therapeutically active products that have been proven to be safe and effective, as evidenced by our commitment to providing the highest standard of therapeutic care.


Personalized and Holistic Regimens


What sets us apart from our contemporaries is our unwavering commitment to personalized and holistic regimens for your skin. We deeply comprehend that every individual possesses distinctive skincare needs. Our products are designed to address these specific requirements, enhancing your natural beauty in perfect harmony with your body and soul.




  • To help millions of people switch from harmful chemical-based products to safe, research base & therapeutic products matching global standards.
  • To provide true benefits of Real Ayurveda with safety, efficacy & quality at reasonable price.




  • To be one of the leaders in skin/personal care segment, globally by 2030






With an indulgence of 4 decades of extensive experience & expertise, we craft world-class deliverance of authentic Ayurvedic products.




We thrive to serve products free from harsh chemicals, parabens, silicones, sulphates & petroleum products. We ensure complete safety by incorporating skin-caring ingredients & excipients of international grades.




We engage in creating authentic & high-quality Ayurvedic products with accountability.