Once again the nation is dealing with the dreadful impact that comes with the second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic. With most of us homebound & forcefully turning back to the laptop screen, mobile video conferencing & binge-watching to get ourselves going, your skin is badly dealing in more ways than you think.

While as of now these stressful home arrest works as a life savior, it is important to give your skin a real-time commitment & safeguard it from the excessive screen time damage.


Blue light is a part of the spectrum of visible light that is being constantly emitted by the LED screens used in TV, laptops, mobile, or any other functional gadgets. This high-energy light due to its short wavelength possesses the capability to reach up to the deepest layer of skin, damaging the elastin & collagen fibers, that supports skin texture & elasticity.

 The constant & prolonged interaction with blue light triggers the onset of free radical damage & consequently takes your skin towards the black hole of damage including fine lines, dull & dehydrated skin, pigmentation, enlarged pores & uneven skin tone.


While managing fast-paced work life, many of us have found that our screen time has immensely increased during the lockdown, to overcome the skin damage that comes with it follow

  • Maintain considerable distance from screen: To turn off the damage, blue light causing to your skin, it is advisable to turn on your night mode settings on the gadgets even in the day time, and also maintain considerable distance between the screen & the skin to minimize its bad effect.
  • Tone your skin with floral distillates: Blue light can be hazardous for people with oily skin, as the high energy & emitting heat can significantly widen up the pores, resulting in excessive oil emission. Toning your skin with more than just rose water can surely be the deal of the day.                                                                                                                               
  • Use Ayouthveda Floral breeze mist, a gracious distilled blend of hydrating lotus, refreshing rose, protecting butea & nourishing marigold along with vitamin C rich fruit distillates, that will not only tones & protect skin but also pleasantly surprises mood during heavy days of work.                                                                                                                   
  • Do not miss out on a day without sunscreen: Even while being indoor it is essential to apply a tiny amount of sunscreen that offers SPF 30 or above, with broad-spectrum protection. Apply Sun turn that will not only turn the harsh effect of the sun away but also guard the skin from excessive screen damage.
  • Keep your skin hydrated: The high-energy heat of blue light takes away all the skin moisture, leaving it dull, dehydrated & even-toned. Splashing your skin with a hit of hydration over your face & body every now & then can be the perfect rescue. So it's time to fall in love with Ayouthveda ocean dew mist crafted with hydrating floral distillates, moisturizing aloe pulp, refreshing vetiver & natural antioxidants that not just add an instant boost of hydration but also minimize the oxidative stress that comes along binge-watching.

Compelled WFH & the run to have a sustainable work-life is already taking a lot over our physical & mental health, irresponsible practices like binge-watching, excessive screen time, no skincare can cause inevitable skin damage.

Understanding the harsh effect of excessive screen time soon & making day-to-day efforts to counter-attack them, will keep you & your skin going longer.   


                                      Stay Home Stay Safe