Unleash The Skin Care Benefits of GOLD

Gold, power & beauty have always come hand in hand. Apart from using it as an ornament ancient Indians, Romans & Egyptians were intelligent enough to incorporate gold in several skin care rituals which has inspired the modern personal care market to infuse gold in products.

With its exclusive skin rejuvenating properties, this expensive metal effectively makes the skin looks lustrous and pretty over the time & embrace the radiance that lie within. Not just this gold can do wonders to your skin when used properly. ‘Gold’ – what can it do & undo, come let’s find out some exclusive benefits of Gold:

  • Soothes fine lines & dark spots: Gold can make you achieve your skin dream. This ingredient activates the basal cells of the skin, which increases the elasticity of the skin. Hence, helps in reducing fine lines, blemishes and marks, making you look younger.
  • Stimulates skin cells: Gold helps in stimulating the cells, nerves and veins that leads in improving blood circulation. It effectively stimulates the cells and helps in achieving healthy skin.
  • Can treat Sun damage: Gold has inherent skin – enriching potential, as it effectively blocks UV- A & UV-B from the sun which causes severe damage to the skin.
  • Provides glowing Skin: As we read before it helps in improving blood circulation, hence it makes the skin hydrated and maintains the moisture level of the skin. The small particles of gold get absorbed in the skin imparting golden glow. It keeps the skin healthy, fresh & radiant.

Someone once rightly said that everything that glitters isn’t gold and it surely applies for those gold infused beauty products that holds the flashy label. Here we wouldn’t discuss the stuff that you often catch eyes on the display shelves of the stores, instead, we will try to open the doors to the new luxurious world of real-gold infused products for you.

Enlightened by the power of gold, Ayouthveda has sourced the purest 24 karat gold to its most effective form Sudh Swarn (purified gold). It has launched three of its favorite gold-inspired beauty products that will make skin GO LUXURIOUS. So, lets read more to know about the MUST TO ADD in your skin care shelf.


 Add Radiance just like GOLD with Ayouthveda Sparkling Gold Facewash

Just like its light-reflecting colour, Sparkling Gold face wash  with its active ingredients like 24-karat Gold (its most effective form Sudh Swarn ), Kashmiri saffron and fresh distillates of Lotus, Orange & Marigold effectively pamper your skin by making it radiant and brighter.

Regular application of sparkling gold face wash twice daily not only add a golden glow but will also removes excess sebum from the pores, eliminates cell debris & hence in no time, leaves you with revitalized skin appearance & radiant skin tone.  

 Get ultimate protection with Ayouthveda Sparkling Gold Day Cream 

Whether you live in a city or a village, daily pollutants in the environment can cause skin ageing and damage overall skin health, to get away this damage one should get hands-on Ayouthveda sparkling day cream  which give you the desired ultimate protection and with much needed luxurious touch.

The sparkling gold day cream is infused with natural sun protection to protect your skin from the damage caused by the UV rays, not only this it will also work towards natural face lift and encourages the ultimate radiance for a youthful you. 

 Age Gracefully with Ayouthveda Sparkling Night Cream

For people worried about those visible signs of skin ageing, Ayouthveda sparkling night cream is the ultimate savior for re-texture and to repair skin damage while you catch up with the sleep, later revealing a renewed glowing complexion.

The gold-infused night cream contains a powerful blend of milk protein, Kashmiri Saffron & 24 karat gold to create a firming effect and improve skin elasticity. The cream effectively promotes inner radiance while you get your beauty sleep.

 So, choose products wisely and never binge buy products for your skin without knowing about it properly. Many flashy labelled packings will not only just damage your skin but will surely make a big hole in your pockets.

Now, when the doors are finally opened for new luxurious beginning, it’s time to switch to AYOUTHVEDA SPARKLING GOLD RANGE, free from harsh chemicals and experience the power of pure gold. Always remember ‘people who shine within don’t need spotlight , be your own spotlight with Ayouthveda.