If you’re looking for ways to control your acne issues, you’re at the right place !

Struggling with frequent breakout and uncontrolled oil secretion, makes it hard for you to stick to a specific routine ? So, before we tell you how to work out on your acne issues and have a skincare routine that will make you look fabulous, let’s first talk about why they pop up on your skin every now and then. It happens when the dirt, impurities and oil get stuck into the pores of the skin and are not cleansed properly, resulting in causing acne.

We understand acne-prone skin can be difficult to manage and demand some extra care. However, following the right kind of skincare routine can help you balance it out. Here’s a skincare routine for all your acne woes. And trust us, keeping your face clear and glowing has never been this easy. Let’s take a look at how. 

Use the right cleanser

Finding and sticking to the right face wash is the foundation of a skincare routine. You must pick a cleanser that’s specially formulated for your skin type and addresses all your specific concerns. Ayouthveda acne enemy face wash gel  is specially formulated for people with acne prone skin. It is a winning combination of traditionally trusted herbs with the advanced ALPHA - CURe complex which effectively prohibits the activation of acnegenic bacteria. The gel-based formula is also fortified with green tea, coconut water and sweet orange that removes deep settled gunk from your pores and maintains the moisture level. 

Acne-prone skin needs toners


A toner is a must in your skincare routine, especially if you struggle with acne. It is a water-like liquid that cleanses the skin from the deepest layer. Toner tremendously improve the quality of your skin and even reduce breakouts. Remember, prevention is always better than a cure. For acne-prone skin, use an alcohol-free toner - Ayouthveda acne enemy clarifying facial toner  that contains fresh fruit & floral distillates like pomegranate, aloe vera, peppermint and rose water, which creates a protective shield on the skin and controls oil production. It will keep your face squeaky clean and bright!


Moisturize your skin daily


The mindset that applying a moisturizer makes the skin greasy and oily force people with acne prone skin to skip the most essential step from their daily skincare routine ‘MOISTURIZING’

A water-based moisturizer should be A MUST TO HAVE for oily skin. Better, get yourself an amazing moisturizer just like Ayouthveda oil control mattifying moisturizer cream which retains moisture while keeping your skin non-sticky and oil free. The cream is enriched with Garcinia (kokum) which exerts strong anti-bacterial benefits to target acne prone skin. It contains fresh coconut water, green tea, aloe vera and sweet orange that sinks fast into the skin and provides instant softness with long lasting comfort. So, no more excuses!


Sheet masks for acne woes


Sheet masks are everyone’s best friend to unwind and relax. But people with acne problems tend to avoid as it makes their skin look more sticky. Ayouthveda anti-acne face sheet serum mask  is the answer to all your prayers. All you need is a plant-based sheet mask made with natural acne controlling ingredients like neem, aloe vera & clove to keep your acne under control. Using a face sheet mask once in a week add much-needed dash of hydration to your skin, making it look healthy and glowing.

 Finally, make sure you go back to your cleansing routine to get rid of all the makeup & daily dirt at the end of the day, ensuring your skin breathe and repair itself, to avoid all the acne from recurring.

 Remember, it is a process and not a one-time affair. The more regular you are with your skincare regimen, the better your acne-prone skin will be.