Pre & Post Holi Skin & Hair Care Tips

Holi, the festival of color is around the corner and we definitely can’t keep calm! Preparations have already started in every household. From mouthwatering dishes like gujia, malpua, pakora to buying colors, the Holi fever is all set to launch. Beside all the planning and Holi dreams, we have forgotten about to take care of our skin & hair which needs ATTENTION during this colorful festival.

Here are 5 skin & hair care tips you should follow to avoid the nasty skin & hair after Holi.

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  • Ice Cubes are amazing
    Rubbing ice cubes before going out to play Holi works like a magic for your skin, as it helps in closing the pores. Rub ice cubes on your clean face for 10-15 mins before playing Holi, it ensures that the harmful color doesn’t penetrate the skin that will control breakouts.
  • Apply heavy moisturizer

Who said you are only supposed to just moisturize your hair with oil on Holi? Moisturizing your skin with a natural body butter  or essential oil are best to restore the natural texture of the skin. Moisturize your skin and play a worry-free Holi.

  • Apply a moisturizing Lip Balm

To protect your lips from the excessive damage, use a lip balm instead of using a lipstick. Try using a natural lip balm that will help to keep your lips protected and hydrated while you enjoy your favorite festival.

  • Use oil to remove color
    Olive oil or Coconut oil are the very effective natural skin nourisher that works amazing for the skin. Use a cotton ball, dip it in the oil and gently remove your color.
  • Go Natural

Natural face packs are the best! They not only soothe your skin but helps in restoring the basic nature of the skin. Try using homemade DIYs like Ubtan , Mutlani mitti or Turmeric face pack.


  • Oil Massage
    Apply coconut oil, olive oil, or Ayouthveda protein hair oil which is a blend of five nourishing oils including almond, sesame, rosemary oil, all through the hair to prevent damage from harsh colors. Doing this will ensure that your scalp stays nourished and save you from chemical-based colors. Make sure you oil your hair at least one hour before you play.
  • Wrap them down
    Tie your hair either as a bun or braid them up, you can also cover your hair with a cloth. This will help to reduce the hair area exposed to harmful colors. So, this Holi enjoy the fullest, but don’t forget to keep your hair under a layer of protection.
  • Avoid harsh chemical-based Shampoo
    It is recommended to not shampoo your hair a day before Holi, as it can leave your hair dry and dehydrated. If you really have to do it use hair products which are naturally made and doesn’t strips off your natural oil. You can confidently use Anti-hairfall shampoo  as it is naturally made with nourishing & hair strengthening botanicals.
  • Rinse your hair with Cold Water
    Rinsing of the Holi color is the most thing you would want to do Post Holi and doing it right will be the biggest achievement of all. First wash your hair with cold water thoroughly and remove the color. Then use mild shampoo made with natural ingredients to reverse the effects.
  • Apply a homemade hair mask
    Using an all-natural hair mask or natural conditioner will definitely be the next step towards taking care of your hair. Make an easy curd and aloe vera hair pack, apply all over your hair to revive the damage done by the harmful color. A nice hair spa session will also be a good option to go with.

These simple yet effective hair and skin care tips, if followed properly can keep you away from all the after effects of Holi. Don’t let the fear of skin & hair keep you away from enjoying the colors. Set yourself free.

                       Ayouthveda wishing everyone a fun filled and safe Holi