Let’s Address The Most Neglected Yet Important Care For Men


            Dear Gentlemen,  

Being the most sensitive part of the body, men intimate area is more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. As the area stays covered for the major part of the day which accumulates sweat, dirt & impurities that causes itching, irritation, redness and more. Unfortunately, the ignorance of regular intimate care leads to persistent genital infections like balanitis, increases the frequent visit to doctors. Although regular cleaning of the area is enough to get rid of all the germs (as we have been doing for a long) but it’s equally important to make sure that the process is in no way harming the skin. 

To curb the need for a safe option, Ayouthveda has bought a natural solution ‘The Gentle Men pH wash’ specially curated for a true gentleman like you. Further, let’s find out how this wash will tackle all the intimate hygiene needs.

  • Provides Deep Cleaning – The gentlemen pH wash is specially made with natural herbs that not just cleanses the deep settled impurities, sweat but also contributes in improving the male hygiene profile. As using a normal soap for cleansing the area removes all the surface impurities but may cause irritation & dryness when used regularly.
  • Controls Infection – Ayouthveda intimate care wash for men  has the right set of ingredients such as Haridra, Sphatik & Lodhra that attributes to anti-microbial properties which help in fighting bacteria, fungal infection caused by perspiration and keeps the area healthy & nourished.
  • Maintains the right pH balance –Gentlemen pH wash  is specially curated to balance the pH level of the area and ensures that it feels fresh all day long. Whereas normal soaps tend to be alkaline in nature & most of the time changes the pH of the skin because of which the intimate area gets prone to infections.
  • Eliminates Bad Odour Ayouthveda Gentle Men pH wash  is enriched with herbs like Yashtimadhu & Mentha (menthol) that naturally eliminates the bad odour & keeps the area deodorized. 
  • Energizes the area: Buy men pH wash online and avail the goodness of Ashwagandha, the most beneficial herb for men, mentioned in Ayurveda. Ashwagandha with its natural horse like fragrance and health promoting benefits instantly energizes the area & provides long lasting refreshment.  
  • Moisturizes the skin- Just like your skin, the intimate area also requires moisturization. Gentlemen pH wash is fortified with natural ingredients like Aloe vera & Sheetal chini which maintains the moisture level and provide extra care to meet all the daily needs. It is very important to keep your area well-nourished as skin dryness may aggravate irritation & itching.


Isn’t it just astonishing, a single solution can add so much value to your intimate hygiene profile. All you need is just a few minutes (with the Gentlemen pH wash) of your daily rigorous routine and trust us you will not regret it. 

Oh yes, we forgot to tell you that men pH wash is completely free from Sulfates (SLS), Paraben, Artificial Fragrance & Color. Be wise & choose the best for yourself