The blazing summer is here ! With the advent of this season, your skin might be screaming loud for “MORE PROTECTION”. And made you start experiencing not so happening breakouts, oily skin, uneven skin tone, acne & other skin concerns.

Now get some break from those harsh skin days and take care of your skin naturally this summers. Well this sun kissed glowing skin doesn’t come with a big to-do list. Just a tweak here & there and you are all set to go.

Now hit this summer hard with some easy to go skin care tips, and wave good bye to that summer damaged skin:

  • Stay hydrated in Summer: This summer keep yourself well hydrated from within and ensures 2 – 4 liters of water intake, every day. Now make hot chai a little less favorite & make nimbu soda your good to go option. Consuming adequate amount of water in form of shakes, drinks or squashes, flushes out the toxins and helps the skin to appear clean and clear.
  • Cleanse your face regularly: Wash your face and neck with a mild face cleanser (which is free from sulfates, parabens & artificial fragrance) every time you come back home or feel sticky. The process will gradually strip of that sticky, dirt grime that comes along with the dust.
  • Never forget to Moisturize your skin: Summer time doesn’t mean that your skin needs NO moisturizing, it is the most important part when people talk about following a proper skin care routine in summers, as proper moisturization boosts skin hydration & prevents skin from harsh UV damage. Use natural Ultra hydrating face emulsion cream or oil control Mattifying cream  that will protect & nourish the skin with its natural, chemical free ingredient
  • Never step out without a sunscreen: Applying Sunscreen is not just about going to the beach or any outdoor activity- it should be incorporated in one’s daily skin care routine. Even if its about stepping out for a short time. It’s very important to wear a proper sunscreen to protect your skin, so always use naturally derived sun protection formula which will keep the skin away from further damage.

 To avoid all these summers skin hassles & keep your skin radiating like ever before incorporate these easy to go tips & treat your skin with all natural, chemical free products, that will not only ensure protection but also brings the best of you this season. 


                                  HAPPY SUMMERS !