DIY's For Good Hair

Love for hair isn’t something to be ignored. You may have noticed yourself playing with your hair, clicking endless selfies or checking yourself out on a good hair day. 

You may think those regular hair products are taking big steps towards you GOOD HAIR GOALS, but sadly they are doing nothing more than damaging your hair more. This may further result in a frizzy mane, that lacks luster and shine.

But fear not, you can turn things around by avoiding the damaging hair practices and opting for specific herbal decoction, paste & hydrosol for your hair issue.

Here is some Herbal solution for specific hair issue, one should practice in their hair care routines. 


Fizzy, dull hair can be the result of hot water shower, dandruff, over-shampooing, using wrong products containing sulphates. Therefore, to conquer these bad hair days TRY this easy DIY at homemade with nothing but a tea bag in your kitchen. 

Green Tea decoction 

Green tea being an excellent rinse for fighting dandruff as it offers antioxidants and nutrients that effectively nourishes the scalp and protects it.

To prepare the mixture you just need is water and a green tea bag. 

Step 1: Boil one cup of water and add a green bag into it

Step 2: Keep it for 20 minutes and apply it after washing your hair

Step 3: Rinse your hair properly


Regular exposure to harsh weather, stress & pollution makes hair brittle & prone to damage. Try this useful hair mask which works great for your thin & falling hair 

Basil hair mask: 

Basil effectively stimulates hair follicles, increases scalp blood circulation & increases hair growth. The magnesium present in Basil helps to protect hair from breakage and help to soothe the roots.

To prepare the mask all you have to do is. 

Step 1: Take a handful of basil leaves

Step 2: Add half a cup of water and make a paste,

Step 3: Apply the paste to your hair and leave it for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Shampoo it with sulphate free shampoo


Excessive exercise, overuse of harsh chemical-based products or excessive exposure to humid climate can be a primary cause of oily hair/scalp. Practicing simple DIY can help in controlling excessive oil can give you a fresh start. 

Lemon Peel Hydrosol:

Lemon due to its anti-fungal properties keeps the scalp healthier and away from infections. It helps in controlling oil production and effectively boosts hair collagen.

Here are the steps to use lemon peel mask for your hair.

Step 1: Take a Cup of water and add lemon peel into it

Step 2: Boil the mixture for an hour 

Step 3: Cool the mixture down and mix it with coconut water 

Step 4: Apply the mixture on your hair & leave it for an hour

Step 5: Rinse it off with water & shampoo your hair

Looking at these useful herbal homemade solutions, we are sure that now you will happily conquer all the major hair concern & stay away from those bad hair days, however to make it easier for you AYOUTHVEDA brings an exceptional range of hair care products, crafted keeping all the hair issues in mind.

Therefore, for all that good hair days all you need is some extra care & the real love from AYOUTHVEDA.