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The uncertainty that comes with the pandemic has bought a drastic change in our lifestyle; from being a weekend owl, we have become the ones who prefer to stay inside even after five days of stressful WFH—adjusting amongst the household chores and working from home scenario. People have tried to evolve in healthy habits like frequently washing & sanitizing hands, disinfecting everything they touch, working out, keeping track of what they eat & the most important one is 'wearing a mask.' 

 While hoping to keep themselves safe in the home, people are missing out that many times the indoor air is 2-5 times more harmful than the outside said EPA. As stated by the experts, one of the primary causes of indoor air pollution is inadequate ventilation. The congested architecture & the habit of living in a centrally air-conditioned house contributes to aggravating the circulation of the indoor air, increasing the toxic load that makes the home a less safe place to breathe freely. 

 After understanding the need for an hour, Ayouthveda, an Ayurveda-inspired brand searching for an all-natural solution to the problem, conducted extensive research with its team of experts & came out with a most effective age-old process named Dhoopan Karma. The most valuable ancient text of Ayurveda, Sushruta & Charaka Samhita, mentioned the utilization of dhoopan karma in disinfecting rooms. Whereas the father of pediatrics Acharya Kashyap in his Samhita has dedicated a separate chapter for this special process. He has mentioned more than 40 types of dhoopan karma in the classical texts that helps to keep infants & children safe from krimi (indoor microbes). The procedure is classically performed in ancient times by burning specific herbs like Neem, Tulsi, Haldi, Ushir, etc. Along with pure ghee in sharav, that significantly purifies the environment and decreases the microbial load.

Fascinated by the potential of dhoopan karma in current times, Ayouthveda came in front to provide masses with a safe indoor environment to live in, with 'AIRVAIDYA HERBAL DHOOPA', exactly made on the same concept as Dhoopan Karma. 

Airvaidya dhoopa is made in the form of Herbal agarbatti enriched with more than 17 powerful anti-infective, refreshing & energizing herbs like Loban, Kapoor, Jigat, Lemongrass, Ajwain, Vasa, and more. The dhoopa creates a safer environment by attacking airborne microbes and effectively sanitizing the environment.

It is the first-ever affordable agarbatti, 99% natural, eco-friendly dhoopa that purifies the air and relieves stress, repels mosquitoes, and creates a positive, healthy environment for a happy home. The sticks are entirely free from chemicals, charcoal & bamboo, which makes it a low smoke-producing dhoopa for a healthy you.

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