AM-PM Skincare Routine For Flawless Skin

Everyone desires flawless skin, who does not ? Apparently, we're all able to place in the dedication to achieve our skin goals. The issue lies in innumerable skin care regimens, each with promising advantages and results but at some point, it gets confusing to browse amongst plenty of night creams, day cream, serum, SPF, and the rundown continues.

But to give your run a stop, Ayouthveda has recreated the most elegant ancient secret for a youthful you. Cherishing you with the first-ever Pearly White AM & PM routine enriched with mesmerizing pearl pea complex. Read more to know the charm of this revamp formula the “PEARL PEA COMPLEX”

The charm of pearl- pea complex 

To start with, Pure pearls are brought from city of pure pearls Hyderabad. The pearls are then passing through a quality test, the best pearls are selected by our experts to be used in the formulations. The selected ones are then transformed into nano particle (PEARL PISHTI) and further processed with novel pea extract. While combining the two components Pure Rose Water is added drop by drop to make the mixture into the paste to form an advance Pearl-Pea Complex.

Acknowledging the formulation and benefits of the developed Pearl Pea Complex, Ayouthveda incorporate this unique mixture into a beneficial AM & PM skincare routine. The routine consist of authentic Ayurvedic products specifically beneficial for people with Normal to Oily Skin type.

Scroll further to know the steps of This Unique AM & PM routine


AM & PM Pearly Pea Routine for flawless skin

 AM Routine:

Step 1: Facewash  

To begin with, we need to cleanse our skin. Cleansing helps us to get rid of dirt, sweat and excess oil on the surface of the skin, leaving you with clean skin to work with. When you wash your face with the Ayouthveda Pearly White Face wash you not only get clear dirt-free skin, but you get additional benefits like smoother, brighter and cleaner skin.

Step 2: Day Cream 

Once you’ve gotten rid of the junk and all, it's time to let your skin truly shine. Using a day cream that is enriched with natural sun protection formula, very important to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. It promotes skin cells renewal process & gives you an even skin tone. Use Ayouthveda Pearly White Day Cream in the morning and shine bright like Pearls.

 PM Routine: 

Step 1: Facewash  

Clearing the mess we collected all day long is more important. So, the first step for your PM routine is to get rid of stubborn dirt and impurities. Use Ayouthveda Pearly White Face wash for clean & clear skin.

Step 2: Night Cream 

The skin needs an extra dose of care & nourishment to revives and rejuvenates while we catch up with our sleep. Ayouthveda Pearly White Night Cream is just the thing you need to add to your night-time routine!

Now with the understanding of this amazing AM & PM routine, it’s time to grab the Ayouthveda Skin Brightening Regimen today! For best results stick with the routine at least for a few weeks. Eat right, drink lots of water, and get sufficient sleep – and your skin will thank you for it !