Add a Touch of Gold To Your Face Care Routine & Enjoy Saffron Benefits for Skin: Unlock Radiant Beauty with Our Innovative Sparkling Gold Range

Ayouthveda Gold regimen

Throughout history, the quest for flawless skin and radiant beauty has initiated the discovery of many potent ingredients infused into countless products from countless brands. 

But you’ve come to us! Which means you're looking for skincare with natural ingredients, using ayurveda, the ancient Indian wisdom of mending and heartiness. You are here because you want to use products that are natural and effective for your skincare and life, and you're curious about the benefits of Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda is grounded on the principle of balance and harmony, and it uses natural constituents to heal and nourish the body, mind, and spirit. One of the best-kept Ayurvedic secrets is the use of gold and saffron, two of the most precious and potent constituents in the world. Gold and saffron have been used for centuries in Ayurveda for their amazing benefits for the skin. 

In this blog, you'll learn how these constituents can radically transform your skin and make it radiant, smooth and youthful.  

Fun Facts: 

Did you know? Gold was used in ancient civilizations for beauty treatments, including by the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra! 

Saffron, also known as ‘red gold’, was also a cherished beauty secret for ages. 

The Allure of Gold in Skincare

Gold, or Swarna Bhasma, is a special form of gold that's reused in a way that makes it safe and effective for the skin. Gold is considered a ‘noble essence’ in Ayurveda, meaning it has the power to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, like magic! 

Here are some benefits of Gold or Swarna Bhasma for your skin:

  • Hydration: Gold can boost collagen production, which helps hydrate and maintain the skin's moisture level. It also helps in improving blood circulation, resulting in a glowing and smooth complexion.   

  • Rejuvenation: It can penetrate deep into the skin, and stimulate and regenerate damaged cells, giving the skin a healthy, natural, radiant glow. It can reduce hyperpigmentation and minimize skin redness. 

  • Anti-ageing: Gold contains anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from damage by free radicals which reduces signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, it also has antibacterial properties as well as antioxidants to keep your skin clean and glowing. 

Kashmiri Saffron: The Spice of Beauty 

Saffron, or Kesar, is a spice that's derived from the flower of the crocus family. Saffron may have a high price label, but it's worth it for its amazing results. 

Here are some amazing saffron benefits for skin: 

  • Brightening: Saffron is rich in antioxidants that brighten the skin tone. It helps reduce pigmentation and dark spots, giving the skin a clear, radiant complexion.
  • Sun Protection: Saffron is known to protect the skin from sun damage, keeping it glowing and youthful. It also contains anti-inflammatory agents that can calm and soothe the skin.
  • Depigmentation: Saffron shields the skin from oxidative stress, helping prevent damage and irregular pigmentation from ageing and environmental factors. It neutralizes free radicals.

The Synergy of Gold and Saffron

When you combine gold and saffron, you get a powerful combination of ingredients that can enhance the beauty and health of your skin. Gold and saffron work together to nourish, cover, and repair the skin, making it more radiant and youthful. 

Here’s what the synergy of Gold and Saffron can do for your skin:

Enhanced Radiance: Gold helps rejuvenate the skin, while Saffron gives a natural glow.

Improved Complexion: Known for their complexion-enhancing properties, gold and saffron work together to improve skin tone and reduce pigmentation to give the skin a clear, radiant complexion.

Youthful Appearance: Anti-ageing properties help reduce signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. They help keep the skin looking youthful and vibrant.

This is why gold and saffron are the crucial constituents in the Sparkling Gold Range, a line of ayurvedic skincare products that are designed to give you the stylishness of both worlds.

The Ayouthveda Sparkling Gold Range: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

The Ayouthveda Sparkling Gold Range is an emulsion of tradition and invention, created by Dr. Sanchit Sharma, a visionary scientist who's passionate about bringing Ayurveda skincare products to everyone. The Sparkling Gold Range consists of three products: 

  1. The Sparkling Gold Face Wash
  2. The Sparkling Gold Day Cream
  3. The Sparkling Gold Night Cream

These products are formulated with 24K Nano Elemental Gold( Swarna Bhasma), Kashmiri Saffron, and other remedial-grade botanicals that are precisely named for their benefits for the skin.

The Sparkling Gold Face Wash is a gentle cleaner that removes dirt, oil, and contaminations from the skin while leaving it soft and doused. It enhances your skin radiance with the combined effects of 24K Nano Gold and Kashmiri Saffron. Essential rose, lavender and jasmine oils enrich the skin, leaving it radiant and brighter.

The Sparkling Gold Day Cream is a moisturizer that protects the skin from the sun, and pollution, and free revolutionaries while giving it a natural gleam and smoothness. It can be used as a natural face cream for daily use enriched with 24K Nano Elemental Gold and Kashmiri Saffron and natural oils like Carrot seed, Olive, and Wheat germ, it provides a natural SPF 15 protection while maintaining a lustrous glow and can be used daily. 

The Sparkling Gold Night Cream is a nutritional and natural face cream for daily use that repairs the skin from the damage caused by stress, lack of sleep, and environmental factors while restoring its pliantness and firmness, with the power of 24K Nano Gold and Kashmiri Saffron.

By using the Sparkling Gold Range daily, you can improve your skincare routine and unleash the amazing benefits of natural ingredients like gold and saffron for your skin. You can discover  ayurvedic skincare  products invested with natural constituents and witness the magic of Kesar face cream for daily use. Embrace the power of saffron benefits for skin and the transformative parcels of Swarna Bhasma in ayurvedic skincare.

The Visionary Behind The Innovation

Meet the visionary behind this innovative range, Expert Scientist Dr Sanchit Sharma, who has a deep understanding of Phytochemistry as well as natural products. His vision to bring Ayurveda and Ayurveda skin care products to every corner of the country and his extensive research has led to this potent blend of Gold and Saffron. His commitment to creating effective and luxurious skincare solutions is evident in every product of this Sparkling Gold range.

Incorporate these precious ingredients into your skincare routine starting today! Explore our Sparkling Gold Range in face wash, day cream and night cream, and experience the amazing benefits that Gold and Saffron can offer your skin.

To Conclude
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