Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products)
Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products) - Ayouthveda
Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products) - Ayouthveda
Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products) - Ayouthveda
Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products) - Ayouthveda
Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products)
Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products) - Ayouthveda
Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products) - Ayouthveda
Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products) - Ayouthveda
Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products) - Ayouthveda

Ayouthveda Personal Care Combo (4 Personal Care Products)

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The Combo Contains 4 Original Size Products: 






For super deluxe bath

Enjoy Royal Treasure by Indulging in Sheer Elegance 

Handmade Free from harsh chemicals

This combination of exfoliating nuts & Kashmiri Kesar will take your usual morning bathe to a new level

Ayouthveda passionately combines traditional ayurvedic rituals and rich cultural heritage of ancient Vedic times with ultra modern technology for a youthful you, helping you feel great and beautiful.

Recreated exclusively for you 


Saffron harvested from the “Valley of Kashmir” at midmorning on a sunny day, from an exotic purple flower with fragrance at its crest,  which  pampers your skin, soothes your soul & indulges your senses with nutrient rich bath.


Grounded Almonds, Cashew & Pistachio enriched with natural antioxidants & Vitamins, exfoliates away lifeless skin cells in a soothing way to uncover radiant healthy looking skin tone.


Olive oil is a great asset for flawless skin. Rich in oleic acid, Vit E & Vit A, absorbs quickly yet allows the skin to breathe, transform parched sensitive skin into soft, supple & clean.


Composition : Each 100 gm of soap contains : A. Powders : Badam (Almond) ¤ Prunus amygdalus, Sd 1gm Kaju(Cashew) ¤ Anacardium occidentale, Sd    1gm
Pista(Pistachio) Ф Pistacia vera , Sd 1gm Kesar* Crocus sativus, Styl & Stgm 0.01gm B. Aqueous solution prepared from : jaggery * Saccharum officinarum, St.Jc.Prcd. 1gm C. Oils : Nariyal Taila* Cocos nucifera Oil. Endo. Prcd. 50gm Jaitun (Olive)Taila Ф Olea europaea Oil. Fr. Prcd. 1 gmExcipients Q.S. DM Water† Q.S.
Other Ingredients† - Sodium benzoate.
Book Ref : *API ФBhavaprakasa ¤Brhatnighanturatnakar †IP


Directions for usage :
The soap is rubbed on wet skin surface to form lather to be spread thoroughly all over and washed and rinsed gently or as directed by the physician. 


Simplicity is a new luxury.

Simplicity is: easy to use, easy to apply, easy to carry, easy results, and easy feedback. Our life is very complicated when we have to make choices regarding our skincare because of complicated options. But not anymore because we at Ayouthveda present a simple yet luxurious approach A BLEND OF PURE COCONUT WATER, ALOE VERA & NATURAL MICRONUTRIENTS:

Ultra-hydrating face emulsion cream- thinner, lighter, effective

A natural plant-based formula that makes your skin feel amazingly soft & supple, plus it delivers precious protection from outside bad elements, leave your skin matte, fresh & radiant with additional benefits of:

  • lighter and thinner texture of cream 
  • Pure Ayurveda 
  • Free from harsh chemicals 
  • Blend of natural & safe ingredients 

Face emulsion cream is a lighter and effective approach to keep your skin hydrated and radiant across all climatic conditions.

Exclusive herbs that works for you:

  • Peas – a perfect blend of vitamin c and folic acid which keeps the skin firm and provide smoothness from the burning sensation.  
  • Raw orange – the limonene and vitamin-C rich fruit that reduces acne, blemishes, dark spots and lightens the skin. 
  • Aloe Vera- a skin protecting herb with the richness of antioxidants, vitamin-C and vitamin-A that protect our skin against solar radiations. 
  • Coconut oil- enriched with vitamin-B, reduces the signs of ageing, removes pigmentation, with the additional benefit of skin toning effect. 
  • Rose petals- the mesmerizing flower with the benefits of tannins and vitamin-C, removes impurities from our skin with hydrating effect. 
  • Green tea- the tea extracts have abundant vitamin- B and Vitamin- E, deals with closed pores, blackheads and whiteheads.


Composition: Each gm of cream contains: A. Aqueous extracts  derived  from:  MatarФ (Pisum sativum,  Sd.)  20 mg,  B.  Distillates  derived  from:  Mausambi  (Sweet orange) Ф  (Citrus sinesis  Fr. R. Prcd.) 10 mg,  Gulab (Rose)* (Rosa  centifolia  Fl.  Prcd.) 10 mg,  Kamal  (Lotus)* (Nelumbo nucifera Fl. Prcd.) 10 mg, Gainda (Marigold)Ф (Tagetes  erecta Fl. Prcd.) 10 mg, Chaya (Green tea)Ф (Camellia sinensis  Lf.  Prcd.) 5 mg,  C.  Liquids:  Ghrit kumari^  (Aloe vera  Lf. Pp.  Prcd.) 100 mg, Nariyal  Phal  Jala (Coconut Water)^ (Cocus  nucifera water,  Fr.  Prcd.) 100 mg, Excipients Q.S., DM water Q.S. Preservative†:  Sodium Benzoate.  Book  Ref: *API ^AFI  ФBhavaprakasa  †IP.  Other  Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Sodium Acrylates,  Polyquaternium-39,  Sughandhit  Dravya.


    Directions for Usage : Massage gently on cleansed face and neck until absorbed to fine lines and wrinkles. Avoid eyes. For best results apply morning and/or evening.



    Beauty being, an ancient old ritual has always been attracting modern culture due to its purity & quality resides in its divine skin solution.

    Together following the deep culture we at Ayouthveda provide you with an inexpensive, pure & authentic deep cleaning formula made with the goodness of original Ayurveda & 35 years of expertise:

    Magically connecting you with Ayurveda,
    Deep clean foaming face wash is a
    Ultra-refreshing blend of Garcinia, Green tea, peppermint & flowers
    Classy and ravishing skin.

    It provides deep cleansing with intense hydration & refreshes skin with Rose, Lotus, Mexican marigold & Peppermint, Garcinia & Green tea nourish & brighten skin complexion with their super antioxidant properties.

    Exclusively delivers your skin with-

    • Bright complexion
    • Reduced dark spots
    • Magnificent glowing skin

    And Deep clean foaming face wash is Free from harsh chemicals, Suitable for all skin types.

      Compassionately enriched with- 

      • GARCINIA (kokum) - An ancient herb found in the Western Ghats of India traditionally beneficial for damaged & sensitive skin, combat dark spot, reduce pigmentation & restores skin elasticity.   
      • INDIAN MADDER (Manjistha) – known as the “Varnya Herb means best for skin” in Ayurveda, improves complexion, improve skin blood supply & revive damaged skin due to its skin rejuvenating properties.
      • FRESH POMEGRANATE PEELS (Dadim) – A rich source of antioxidant splashes skin with the goodness of Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K effectively repair and replenish your skin.
      • FRESH ROSE PETALS (Gulab) – Provide Vitamin-C & Tannins that look after your skin from solar radiations and also clear impurities to give you a fresh face all day.
      • DRIED BUTEA FLOWER (Palash) – A flower known for its beauty & fragrance enriched with oleic and linoleic acid that maintains complexion and suppleness of your skin to provide you a confident look.
      • GREEN TEA – Possess skin beneficial anti- oxidants along with skin’s favourite flavonoids & catechins that slowdowns ageing and make your face feel youthful and beautiful.


      COMPOSITION : Each ml. of face wash contains:  A. Hydroalcoholic extracts derived from : Kamal (Lotus)* (Nelumbo nucifera, Fl.) 20 mg, Kokam^ (Garcinia indica, Fr. Rd.) 10 mg, Dadim* (Pomegranate) (Punica granatum, Fr. Rd.)10 mg, GaindaФ (Marigold) (Tagetes erecta, Fl.) 10 mg, Palash* (Butea monosperma, Fl.) 8 mg, Manjistha* (Rubia cordifolia, St. ) 7mg, B. Distillates derived from: ChayaФ (Green tea) (Camellia sinensis, Lf.) 10 mg, MausambiФ (Sweet orange) (Citrus sinesis, Fr. Rd.) 10 mg, Gulab* (Rose) (Rosa centifolia, Fl.) 10 mg, C. Powders: Peppermint Satv* (Menthol) (Mentha species, A. Pt. Prcd.) 0.3 mg, Excipients Q.S., DM water Q.S., Preservative†:  Sodium Benzoate  Book Ref : *API   ^AFI  Ф Bhavaprakasa  † IP

      Other Ingredients: Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Cocobetaine, Glycerin, Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, Caprylocaproyl macroglycosides, Sugandhit Dravya (Fragrance), Sodium Cocoyl Sarcosinate, EDTA.


        Directions for Usage :

        Pump out the required amount onto your palm. Apply on damp skin and gently massage using circular motions. Rinse clean and pat dry.  


        Change is the only constant

        This is about changing the old fashioned skin care regime that has been imprinted in our minds. Did you ever think what our face exactly wants to clean itself? We at Ayouthveda present you exactly what your face wants - A deep clean & pore refining, high impact formula:

        Charcoal Facewash- Look Stunning Everyday

        It's a Natural, Anti-Pollution and Oil Control Face Wash which gives you a completely natural solution to protect your skin from pollution, stops excessive oil, also removes 2 times more dirt and impurities to give you a stunning look every day. Apart from having activated charcoal in high strength this face wash is enriched with pure distillates of rose, lotus, butea and marigold, 

        Which benefits you by

        • Detoxifying your skin
        • Drawing out 2X impurities
        • Reducing dark spots
        • Restoring skin cells
        • Unclogging pores
        • Replenishing ample nutrients


        Composition: Each ml of face wash contains: A. Distillates: SantraФ (Citrus reticulata, Fr. Rd.) 10 mg, Kamal* (Nelumbo nucifera, Fl.) 10 mg, Palash* (Butea monosperma, Fl.) 10 mg, GaindaФ (Marigold) (Tagetes erecta, Fl.) 10 mg, MausambiФ (Sweet orange) (Citrus sinesis, Fr. Rd.) 10 mg, Gulab* (Rosa centifolia, Fl.)10 mg,  DM water Q.S., Excipients Q.S Preservative†: Sodium Benzoate.

        Book Ref : *API ФBhavaprakasa  †IP Other Ingredients: Myristic Acid, Glycerin, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Potassium Hydroxide, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Decyl glucoside, Lauric Acid, Ceteareth-20, Polyoxyl 40 stearate, Glyceryl stearate, Sugandhit Dravya (Fragrance), Docosanol, Polyqu aternium 7 , PEG/PPG 120/10, Activated  charcoal, EDTA.


          Directions for Usage : Apply small amount to wet face. Gently massage on face with circular motion to build up a soft and creamy a rich lather, avoiding eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water, pat dry and glow.

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