Uncover The Secret For Healthy Hair

The romantic season “Winter”, bring in the season of love with hot chocolate, bonfire parties and good food, but sometimes it’s not as romantic as we thought. For many people winter brings a lot more hair issues like dull, lifeless, oily scalp, dandruff, hair fall etc. Don’t worry though there are ways to beat all the bad hair days during the romantic season, so let’s jot down how to fight winter hair issues everyone faces in this chilling weather.

natural hair fall treatment

  • Fight Dandruff: White flakes falling from your hair all over the beautiful black coat, is embracing. One can get over this problem through revising diet, regular application of herbal oils & tonic rich in Neem, Aloe Vera, Basil and Lemon will help fight stubborn winter dandruff.
  • Prevent Hair Loss: Spilling hair in gathering is the king of embracement for all of us. The bad (freezing) air outside sucks out the moisture from the scalp making it dry and frizzy. To fight the unwanted hair loss one can incorporate herbs like Methi, Onion, Coffee bean, Jatamansi, pine oil and Kidney beans in their hair care regime.
  • Resolve Greasy Scalp: In cold weather, we probably wear a hat or keep the hoodie up to protect our self from the excessively chilling weather. But keeping up with the warm can cause you to sweat more which makes your hair appear oilier than usual. To prevent excess oily scalp, use herbal regime consist of herbs like Methi, Bhringraj, Lotus, Mandukparni and Green tea which will not only balance scalp oil production but also promotes space for heathy hair growth.
  • Prevents Dull & Dehydrated Hair: When the temperature starts to decrease, so does the moisture level in the air which is the ultimate blame for the dry and frizzy hair. Therefore, we all need some extra nourishment in our hair care routine to keep it strong and shiny. To avoid dull hair during winter season start using products which are enriched with Imli, Mehandi, Jujuba Oil, Amla and Black seed oil.

After reading about all the hair issue, you must be thinking for one stop solution which is enriched with all the benefits.


Don’t worry Ayouthveda Anti hair fall tonic kit is the best solution, one needs to say goodbye to all hair issues. The therapy kit is enriched with more than 40 botanicals including natural essential extracts, nutritive oils and nourishing juices and along with above mentioned herbs which will go deep down to make your hair scalp healthier and promotes stronger hair.

Ayouthveda Anti Hair Fall Care Combo Kit

The kit comes in with a 3 step regimen consist of Oil, Shampoo and Tonic that will Nourish, Clean & Tone hair. Anti-hair fall tonic in the kit is exclusively designed formula with a précised targeted spray mechanism that will nourish hair in growing phase and delay the hair shedding.

Anti-hair fall shampoo in the kit is curated with natural hair cleansers including 15 herbal botanicals, 5 nourishing juices & 3 nutritive oils that not only clear the scalp from dirt and impurities but also promote the process of hair growth.

Protein hair oil in the kit is enriched with nine hair loving oils made with the unique “Taila Pak Vidhi” described in the ancient text of Ayurveda. The oil is power-packed with abundant proteins, vitamins, minerals & essential micronutrients that effectively goes deep into the scalp & adds shine to the hair.

So now that we have discovered the best solution for all the hair concerns. It’s time to give your hair the treatment that it deserves. Choose Ayouthveda anti-hair fall tonic kit and experience the difference by your own.