Perfect guide to Ayurvedic skin type by Doshas



Your perfect guide to Ayurvedic skin type by Doshas

The fundamental concept of Ayurveda rests on maintaining a delicate balance in life. From skincare, nutrition, sleeping pattern, vyayam to emotional integrity, it encompasses all aspects of a person’s lifestyle. And when it comes to the skincare ritual Ayurveda believes that

“Outside beauty reflects what is inside”

Therefore, it is essential to have a valuable understanding of the prakritik guna of all skin types.

This is how Ayurveda differentiate skin types

Tri dosha-Vata, pitta & Kapha are the ultimate sources of energies believed to circulate in the body & perform various physiological activities. Especially when it comes to skincare the quality of skin can only be determined by knowing the right skin type.


Vata skin type

(Dry, wrinkled, dehydrated, parched & rough skin)

Vata skin type is governed by the elements air & either therefore in the state of equilibrium, the Vata skin type is more likely to have Krishan varan (olive tone) with a thin texture. It is slightly cool & dry in touch & has fine pores.

Vata skin concern- They experience excessive dryness, premature aging, wrinkles, dehydrated, parched & rough skin due to imbalance of Vata dosha.

The secret for Vata skin type- Vata skin does not experience the repetitive episodes of pimples & blackheads & have much more clean skin as compared to other prominent skin types.


Pitta skin type

(Acne-prone, pigmented, sensitive, uneven skin tone)

Pitta skin type is ruled by the element fire & water therefore in a natural state, pitta skin type is more sensitive to heat & has a fair, rosy & pale complexion with a medium thickness. It is soft & warm in touch & always possesses a lustrous look.

Pitta skin concern- They are more prone to acne, breakout, sunburn, sunspots, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, irritation & redness & are less tolerant to heat due to imbalance of pitta dosha.

The secret for pitta skin type- Due to the presence of “Bhrajaka Pitta”, this skin type always has the ultimate resilience & glowy luster.


Kapha skin type

(Oily, clogged pores, prone to blackheads, dull, tired skin)

Kapha skin type is followed by the element water & earth, therefore, is more tedious, smooth & thick as compared to other skin types. Kapha skin tends to have oily skin texture with large pores. It is mainly cool in touch & looks hydrated due to excessive water retention.

Kapha skin concern- They exert more oil production & thereby attract impurities from surroundings. This skin type suffers from excessive oiliness, clogged pores, blackhead, zits, pimples, dull & tired skin texture

The secret for Kapha skin type- The benefits of thick, soft skin helps delay signs of aging & maintains youthful radiance longer.