Is Your Feminine Hygiene Up To The Mark ?


Hey beauties ! If you fall in a group of “Cleaning queens'' but down there, you simply aren’t clean enough, then it’s time to put some real efforts to keep the intimate area clean & hygienic. As lack of cleanliness in the area can cause itchiness, discomfort, rashes, urinary tract infections & off course bad odour and definitely none of these is what we desire to have

                                          Right Ladies !!

But we are not the only one who have left this most sensitive section of intimate hygiene untouched, as surprisingly in a recent survey it is found that majority of  women’s often say “No” to most of the specific questions asked related to their daily hygiene practises, except for quite a few women, practise good intimate hygiene habits during menstrual days as it needed the most.

It is also found that since we do not have any effective & safe options available around us, thereby we often end up using harsh chemical based soap or preparations on our most sensitive area of the body.

But It’s a right time to take a switch from chemical based harsh soaps to gentle intimate wash

The simplest reason to make a valuable shift is to maintain the right vaginal pH balance (slightly acidic between 3.5-4.5 pH ). General soaps have higher pH that can kill good bacteria’s & upset vagina’s own defence system.

Any disturbance in the optimum pH level may cause irritation, increase bacterial growth, bad odour, itching & dryness. Hence it is the right time to switch to a natural preparation which is free from adversities & also delivers wonderful benefits of nature.

To help you maintain your perfect intimate hygiene standards, we have few tips & suggestions


An exceptionally effective Phyto-regimen for Your Everyday True Comfort packed with the classical secrets of purified octahedral crystals of Sphatica along with the botanical constituents which preserve the right pH balance & combat bad bacteria in a natural way.

        Why vagitone intimate wash a must have ?

  • Hormone free formula enriched with 8 rich anti-infective botanicals
  • Kills bad bacteria & keeps good bacteria intact by the virtue of natural botanicals.
  • Sulphate free formula: - Vagitone intimate wash is free from sulphate, as many other products with sulphate cause irritation in the female private part.
  • Combats bacterial & recurrent infections with curcuma longa (Haridra)
  • Nullifies bad odour with soothing essence of Butea (Palash)
  • Prevents vaginal dryness & moisturise the area with & Aloe Vera
  • Improve overall vaginal hygiene profile with Green tea
  • Possess excellent anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties and maintains healthy vaginal flora with Amla (Indian gooseberry)
  • Fortified with gentle excipients of international grade.

This gentle wash provides fresh sensation all day long & offers excellent personal hygiene that ensures therapeutic benefits.


 Menstruation is one of the most vital processes of a woman's body which deserves efficient hygiene practises including changing sanitary pads or tampons every 6-8  hours, disposing them properly & regular washing of the area with safe, effective & natural intimate wash.


Cotton innerwear is natural, soft & doesn’t cause perspiration. Leaving the area comfortable & well moisturised. Fabrics like nylon can build up excessive heat in humid conditions and cause rashes & irritation.


Eating good amounts of fruits, green leafy vegetables & natural probiotics such as curd, yogurt, plenty of water intake, low sugar diet can definitely control microorganism growth in the body which might be harmful in future to your body & vaginal health.