Getting ready for Holi 2023: Skincare and Haircare Tips

Holi is a time for joyous celebrations and spending quality time with family, indulging in traditional delicacies like thandhai, malpua, dahi bhalla, gujia etc. However, amidst all the festivities, we often neglect to take care of our skin, which can suffer due to exposure to colors made with harmful chemicals and harsh environmental factors.


How Do Holi Colors Affect Your Skin?

To protect your skin during Holi, understand that colors are often made with harmful chemicals that can cause dryness and irritation. Prepare your skin beforehand and avoid colors with silica or glass. Excessive use of colors can lead to irreversible damage, so use skincare products like cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen and protect your skin from post holi skin damage.

 By following these tips and being mindful of the effects of Holi colors on your skin, you can ensure that your skin remains healthy and radiant during and after the festivities.

 Pre-Holi Skin Care Tips

 Protect your skin during Holi by following a proper skincare routine. Use of chemical colors can cause acne and rashes. Opt for natural and organic colors whenever possible. Here are some pre-Holi skincare tips to keep in mind.

 Use Ice cube: First, rubbing an ice cube on your face for around 10 minutes will help to close your skin's pores, making it difficult for harmful colors to penetrate your skin. This will prevent the colors from causing skin rashes, irritation, or acne.

 Moisturize: The next step is to moisturize your skin to prevent the holi colors from damaging it, and you can do that by applying Ultra-hydrating face emulsion cream and Feather touch moisturizing body lotion which will hydrate the skin, allowing it to absorb less color.

 Use A Physical Sunblock: Protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays during Holi with a physical sunscreen like Sunturn 30 or Sunturn 50. These contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which form a protective barrier and reflect UV rays, reducing the risk of damage from both the sun and Holi colors.

 Shield your ears: Protect your ears from Holi colors by applying oil around them to prevent staining. Almond oil, olive oil, or coconut oil work best.

 Apply Oil: Applying a layer of oil on your skin before playing with colors can help prevent harmful chemicals from seeping in and make stains easier to remove later. Almond oil is a great natural option to create a protective barrier for your skin during the festival.

The right clothing: Stay protected during Holi by wearing long-sleeved cotton clothes and a hat to shield your skin and scalp from the colors and chemicals used during the festivities.

 A quick tip: Do not forget to apply a nourishing lip balm on your lips for their protection.

 Post-Holi Skin Care Tips

 After Holi, if you find yourself with chemical colors on your skin, don't worry. Just follow a post-Holi skincare ritual to restore your skin's natural glow and suppleness.

Brush off excess color: Avoid taking an immediate bath after playing Holi as it can cause the colors to set in deeper, making them harder to remove. First, brush off excess color to prevent staining and then take a bath.

Use cold water to rinse color: To prevent skin damage, remove all color residue after playing Holi. Avoid warm water as it opens pores, allowing colors to penetrate deeper. Rinse with cold water to soothe irritated skin and remove colors safely.

Cleanse gently: Protect your skin during Holi by using a gentle face wash to remove colors and impurities. Be sure to clean around the sensitive areas of your face like the eyes, nose, lips, and ears. A deep clean foaming face wash is an effective and soothing option for this purpose.

Exfoliate: Exfoliate gently after playing Holi to prevent rough and clogged skin. Use natural exfoliators like honey and sugar or Kunkumadi Facial Scrub to scrub away dead skin cells and impurities. Be gentle to avoid further skin damage.

Sunburn treatment: To ease sunburns, apply a cloth-wrapped ice pack to the affected areas.

Moisturize: Moisturize your skin after cleansing and exfoliating to keep it hydrated and nourished. Use a non-comedogenic natural moisturizer to avoid clogging pores and to repair and protect your skin from damage caused by Holi colors.

Apply a face mask: After Holi, apply a calming face mask to reduce redness and swelling. A honey, turmeric, and yogurt mask is a natural option to nourish your skin. Alternatively, you can try a Kunkumadi face mask.

Get enough sleep: Get enough sleep post-Holi for healthy and glowing skin. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep to aid in repair and rejuvenation, and prevent skin inflammation and breakouts.

Holi Haircare Tips

Protect your hair during Holi festivities by taking care of the harsh chemicals in colors that can strip natural oils, leaving hair dry and brittle. Follow these simple haircare tips to prevent breakage and damage.

Pre-Holi Haircare Tips

Oil Your Hair Before Playing Holi: Apply protein hair oil like coconut, almond or olive oil to your hair and scalp before playing Holi. This will create a protective layer and prevent the colors from damaging your hair.

Tie And Cover Them: Tie your hair up in a tight bun or braid, and wear a bandana or hat to prevent your hair from getting tangled or matted with the colors, while also adding a stylish touch to your Holi look.

Post-Holi Haircare Tips

Rinse Your Hair Immediately: Rinse hair with cold or lukewarm water after Holi to remove colors quickly. Avoid hot water to prevent dryness from stripping natural oils.

Squeeze lemon: Use lemon juice to restore the pH balance of your hair and scalp after playing with colors. Apply on hair and scalp for a few minutes and rinse off for healthy, shiny locks.

Use a Natural and  Mild Shampoo: Use mild and natural shampoo to wash your hair. Harsh shampoos containing sulfates can strip your hair of its natural oils, leading to dryness. You can opt for a natural shampoo like purple rice shampoo, which is gentle on your hair and scalp.

Condition Your Hair: Deep condition your hair post-wash with a natural hair mask containing ingredients like yogurt, honey, and banana for nourished and moisturized tresses.

Following these simple haircare tips, you can protect your hair during Holi and keep it healthy and nourished throughout the year.

Holi nailcare tips

Holi colors can leave your nails looking stained and unhealthy. Here are some nail care tips to keep them healthy during Holi:

Pre-Holi Nailcare

Use Dark Nailpolish: Choose a dark nail polish (e.g. black) as it works as a barrier and won't absorb holi colors, thus preventing staining.

Oil massage: Massage your nails and cuticles with almond or coconut oil.

Post-Holi Nail Care

Use Lemon juice: Soak your nails in a mixture of lemon juice and water to remove stains.

Wash regularly: Wash your hands regularly to remove any color which is left from your nails.

In conclusion, celebrating Holi can be a lot of fun, but it's essential to take care of your skin, hair, and nails during the festivities. Using natural and organic products, along with following some of the tips mentioned above, can go a long way in ensuring your well-being. Incorporating Ayouthveda products which are made with natural and organic ingredients in your Holi skincare and haircare rituals, can further enhance your Holi experience by keeping your skin and hair healthy and radiant. So, follow these tips, use Ayouthveda products, and have a happy and safe Holi!