Don’t let playful colours make your skin and hair regret this Holi


                                                Save them just by following these simple tips!

Holi is here with the high spirits to enjoy it with your loved ones. Every year we all try to play Holi with natural and organic colours. Still, no matter how hard we try, we all have that one friend who takes the pranks way too ahead by bringing the (pakka) permanent colour to the party and colouring your face, hair, and all the exposed parts with these colours, leaving you to feel alienated for the rest of the week. So to avoid this situation at your workplace and college, we are here to help you out from your misery this Holi, so you can

                                                                “Spread Colour Be fikar”!

                                                                         Pre- Holi skin and hair care tips

  1. Prep your hair and skin

Do not exfoliate your skin a few days before Holi & use natural toner like Gulab Jal or mist to tone your skin pores. For hair, one must keep hair cut goals on stay and get it done soon after the celebration. This practice will help shed off the extra rough & dry ends caused due to damage. Try applying homemade facial and hair masks to combat the upcoming damage and provide necessary hydration and nutrition to hair & skin.

  1. Apply Oil

Apply oil on every part of your body, especially the exposed parts like hair, face, neck, ears, hands, arms, feet, etc. this will help maintain the barrier between your exposed parts and harsh chemicals and keep your body safe.

  1. Cover up in style

There are many trendy scarfs and caps available in the market that will help you get that Holi looks during the day and protect your precious hair from any damage. Also, wear full sleeves shirt on trousers to protect your skin from any harmful exposure. Double up the protection!

                                                                   After Holi easy clean up tips

Step 1 - Clean up with traditional trick

So now that you’ve enjoyed your party, it’s time for a thorough clean-up. Start with rubbing lukewarm oil on the skin to take the excess colour off. Wipe the oil with a towel or cotton cloth. Keep repeating until the colour comes off (be gentle throughout the process).

Step 2 - Use herbal Ubtan to clean the skin.

Apply herbal ubtan on the face and body. Let it sit for 5 minutes. While it’s still wet, wipe the ubtan off with hands or a towel.

Step 3 – Take shower

Take bath with lukewarm water not with hot water as hot water can strip the moisture off the skin and makes it look more dehydrated.

 Step 4 -  Hair cleaning 

Now, it’s time to clean the hair. Remove the scarf or cap gently and untie your hair. Shed the excessive colour off with your fingertips and rinse with lukewarm water. Apply herbal shampoos and conditioners to protect the hair from further damage and give their shine and bounce back. Do not comb after taking a shower and apply a serum or tonic for frizz-free healthy hair.

 Step 5 - Use Q- tip

Use Q-tip dipped in moisturizer or oil to clean the ears (externally), navel, inner corner of eyes, or any other hard-to-reach part.

 Step 6 – Protection after bath

Apply heavy-duty moisturizer on your body for hydration and protection purposes. Let your hair dry naturally. And wear cotton clothes.

Now you know how to enjoy Holi to the fullest, so grab a Gujiya and celebrate this little victory of overcoming the fear of damaged hair and skin this Holi.


                                                                          Have a happy and safe Holi!

                                                                                Love Ayouthveda!