Do you love the skin you’re in ? If yes, how do you feel about it? Not just the face, but the entire body? We all know that our skin is the largest part of the body. It’s our first layer of defense against germs and even the first impression when you meet someone new.

Yet, when it comes to taking care of the skin, most of us get convinced over quality. As many people think buying an expensive soap is just a waste of money when one can get a pack of 10 at the same price. Knowing the fact that these cheap soap bars can do a lot of harm to your skin.

One should use natural plant-oil-based Castile soaps over commercial soaps. Castile soaps may have a higher price, but that’s because they provide a whole bucket full of benefits when it comes to your well-being & health.

Let’s dive into the article and know how Castile soaps differ from those drug store/ supermarket soaps.


The soap you pick out from the drug store or supermarket are not natural they are commercially made. During processing, soaps undergo chemical changes in the factory with high mechanical energy which are mixed with harsh sulfates and artificial fragrance that will do nothing but will work as a cleansing agent.

Where on the other hand Castile soaps are naturally made. They are made using rich plant-based oils Castile soaps are also enriched with incredibly good ingredients that come straight from our mother earth like botanical extracts & essential oils which have naturally occurring Phytonutrients and are said to be the most precious gift from a mother, all these ingredients have their unique benefits as well.

Castile soap is created by following a saponification process that takes place when natural oils and fats are together processed. The result comes out to be a safer and gentle product that’s perfect for every skin. 

Let’s move further and know some amazing benefits of using Castile soaps. 

Benefits of using Ayouthveda Castile soaps 

  • Say Goodbye to Toxins: 

Ayouthveda Charcoal detox castile soap is made up of natural activated charcoal and 5 powerful herbal oils which gently pulls out dirt, impurities and detoxifies the skin, based on natural plant-based oils. The castile soap is an innovative combination of jaggery and charcoal that helps in keeping the skin supple and healthy.

  • Feel safe-sensitive skin peeps: 

Ayouthveda Delicate skin pure castile soap is made from safe and original plant oils, these are considered to be the safest option for people with sensitive skin types. Delicate skin pure castile soap is specially designed for people with this skin type. The soap is made up of a blend of 5 tikta herbal paste known as panchatikta ghirta which is processed with pure cow’s ghee that delivers sublime softness.

  • No more junked-up pores: 

Ayouthveda Nuts and saffron luxury castile soap is made from olive oil & coconut oil, castile soap lets your skin to breathe and encourage the process of shedding dead skin cells naturally. Nuts & saffron luxury castile soap is made with luxurious ingredients like Kashmiri Saffron, grounded almonds, cashew & pistachio that will pamper your skin and soothe your soul with a nutrient-rich bath.

 Now, when we have learned so much about castile soap and the secret behind heavy price tags. It’s time to say goodbye to those artificially made soaps and switch to Ayouthveda Castile soaps. Give your skin the luxury it deserves and indulge in the world of purity to experience the richness every time you take a bath.

Someone once rightly said always invest the highest on your skin as it will represent you for a very long time. Use products that will love your skin not pretend about it.