Charcoal face wash- It is not just about Charcoal Anymore

                  CHARCOAL FACE WASH

Welcome summers with a dirt free, pollution free & refreshing skin everyday...


This is about changing the old fashioned skin care regime that has been imprinted in our minds.

Did you ever think what our face exactly wants to clean itself?

Did you ever notice that your usual face wash routine is actually causing more harm to your skin rather than benefiting it?

We at Ayouthveda present you exactly what your face wants - A deep clean & pore refining, high impact formula, but with an added flavor of something that gives your skin an extra touch of love and care.

Charcoal face Wash

It's a smooth blend of Natural ingredients like Activated Charcoal, Rose, Lotus, Butea and Marigold Extracts. An Anti-Pollution and Oil Control Face Wash which gives you a completely natural solution to protect your skin from pollutants, pimples (by removing excessive oil).

It gives you a fresh face feel after every use by removing twice more dirt and impurities with no skin irritation and extra dryness, to give you a stunning look every day.

Apart from having a usual ingredient like activated charcoal in high strength, this face wash is enriched with pure distillates of rose, lotus, butea and marigold, 

Which benefits you by

  • Detoxifying your skin
  • Drawing out 2 times skin impurities
  • Reducing dark spots
  • Restoring skin cells
  • Unclogging pores
  • Replenishing ample nutrients

So why we have introduced these ingredients in a Charcoal Facewash?

Rose- Rose water or its distillates/extracts hold an utmost importance in skin treatment in AYURVEDA. Rose is known for its gentle antiseptic effect on skin, apart from being a natural skin cleanser it helps prevent blemishes. Rose extracts are Anti-inflammatory that enables it to help minimize redness and soothe skin irritation which makes it ideal for all skin types (acne, dry, mature, sensitive) because of its calming and healing abilities.

Lotus- Ayurveda suggests Lotus is among the top most natural moisturizer for the human skin. It improves the look and feel of a dry skin after a deep impact cleaning effect of a face wash. It is suitable for nearly every skin type and helps combat acne blemishes by balancing skin’s oil content.

Butea- This flowers extract relieves form skin disorders like boils, pimples, rashes and skin ulcers. Anti-oxidants present in this flower extract can protect skin from free radicals that damage skin cells and hence reduces signs of ageing. Anti-oxidants present in the extract helps in reducing the irritation and inflammation caused due to rashes, acne or sunburns. It also promotes enhanced blood micro circulation thereby reducing the dark circles, skin lightening and toning.  

Butea extracts also contains many anti-microbial components which protect skin from potentially harmful microorganisms and hence reduces the pimples breakout.

Marigold- Marigold flower is well known for its beauty, but very few people know that it is also good for beauty. Marigold extract contains Calendula oil that is essential in any skin regime. It promotes skin tightening, hydrates skin, which helps in anti-ageing. Similar to sunscreen, calendula extracts are well known for protection from UV rays. It’s a naturally occurring anti-oxidants that helps in protection against pollutants and photo-aging caused by sunlight. A skin conditioner which acts as collagen stimulator and reduces dryness of skin. Not only all of this, calendula is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.


Why to use our charcoal face wash?

– All good things come in a small package.

  • Apart from being 100% Natural and harmful chemicals free, our product is more inclined towards consumption by Both Men & Women. It is not just restricted to use by Men, which most other brands do. Even women now step out of their homes due to work and their skin is more prone to dust and pollution.
  • Its feel and composition is such that it is more inclined towards being soft & smooth flowing liquid rather than being thick paste.
  • It has been noticed that, scrubbing particles in most of the face washes irritate the skin or drains out natural skin oil which is essential for skin glow and hydration. They even damage skin further specially in case of acne/pimples which may leave skin red and rough post scrubbing in long term use.

 So, AYOUTHVEDA CHARCOAL FACE WASH covers your skin in multiple layers of natural protection of abundant anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-dust, anti-pollution and UV protection. Get rid of all your dark spots, pimples, skin irritation and impurities… Naturally.


After all It is all about you- “Looking Stunning Everyday”.

So…are you ready to fall in love with your skin once again and flaunt it to everyone?