A Guide To Survive in 48◦C This Summers


 Best Sunscreens For All Skin Types


That time of the year is here, when you will grab a colourful popsicles and roam around in the neighbourhood, will spend afternoons with friends and family with a glass of lemonade/ lassi and will enjoy the scorching evenings under the shade of trees. Yes ! Yes! we know the temperature is way too high in the noon and the chances of getting a sunburn and a suntan are high specially for those who have sensitive skin. But hey! YOLO! Do not ditch your summer plans just by the fear of damaged skin. Leave that worry onto us. Because in today’s blog we are going to give you some tried and tested tips on how you can enjoy summers carefree and never miss out on the opportunity to live these sunny days with joy and fun.

Make sunscreen your summer companion

Most important tip to protect the skin from sun is to put up the sunscreen on exposed body parts. Preferably, the usage of physical blocker can give the best protection from both Ultra-violet rays. A sunscreen made with organic zinc oxide i.e. Yashad bhasma can give longer and broad protection from sun rays. A natural sunscreen is a boon to you. Avoid chemical sunscreen as it can worsen your skin conditions.

Get the right SPF according to your need

Choose the SPF according to the time and amount of daily exposure towards sun light or blue light to prevent skin damage. For indoor activities or less exposure to sun SPF 30 would work best. For a beach day or outing in sun, SPF 50 would give great protection. One thing you should keep in mind that you should always reapply the sunscreen in an interval of 4 hours for long lasting protection.

Hydrate not just with water

Stay hydrated throughout the day. The sun might be out in its full bloom, let it not mess with your head and energy levels. Add some fresh mints, lemon cucumber chunks in the water to give your body hydration as well as maintain the electrolyte balance. You can also eat seasonal fruits throughout the day like kiwi, melon, water melon, berries etc. these are the rich sources of antioxidants and can provide instant hydration with a feeling of satiety.

Walk in style during summers

Summers are the right time to show your fashion sense by adding protective accessories like hats, scarfs, sunglasses and shrugs. This way you can get an insta worthy picture and full protection from sunrays.
Bonus tips

Sometimes while living in the moment we often forget about protection which might lead to sunburn, sun rash, sun tan etc. Here are some bonus tips to tackle the sunburn at the comfort of your home:

  1. Milk mask

If you are experiencing skin tanning, then apply milk with turmeric with a cotton pad dipped in this mixture on the affected part. It can help remove the tan instantly.

  1. Ice cube hack

Take an ice tray add aloe vera gel in the cubes and fill it with rose water. Use every time you come home after a long day in sun. It can help soothe the redness, burning sensation and rashes.

 Best Sunscreens For All Skin Types

Let your skin reward you for taking care of it and maintaining its beauty. Ayouthveda believes in all natural use of skincare products to give the maximum benefit of nature to your skin. Let Sunturn 30 and Sunturn 50 sunscreens  conquer your summer worries. Go grab it by clicking on this link.

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