5 Essential Skincare Tips For Indian Summer

summer skin care

Everyone’s favorite mango season is here ! Indian summers not only just bring yummy fruits, ice creams and milk shakes but it also brings along many skin and hair problems including sunburn, heat strokes, tanning, oily scalp, dry hair and prickly heat rashes. These unpleasant conditions make it important to have a powerful everyday practice to deal with your skin and keep up its wellbeing.

Particularly for individuals who are born with oily skin, must put some extra care to prevent skin & hair from damage caused to excessive oil emission.

Here are some simple yet compelling steps you can follow to shield your skin & hair from being harmed:

  1. Make earthy clay your savior :
    Dig into your all time favorite summer skin care & apply multani mitti on regular basis. It is one of the best natural cleanser that goes deep into the skin and removes dirt, impurities and excessive oil from the skin. It also helps in treating sun damage, rashes & infections. Not just for your face multani mitti is an amazing ingredient if used regularly while taking a bath can help swipe away from those unwanted breakouts due to excessive heat and sweat. Use Ayouthveda Indian Clay Soap a hand made three layered mineral rich clay soap bar that have multani mitti & khadiya mitti which balances oil level and tightens pore.

  2. Use a non-greasy moisturizer:

As moisturizing is very important for all skin type but eventually it is seen that people with oily skin avoid such essential skin care step. For them it is recommended to use an oil free, light weight moisturizer in summer that keeps the skin nourished and hydrated. Using a moisturizer will help you to keep the skin protected from the UV rays, hydrated and will give a healthy glow. Try Ayouthveda Oil Control Mattifying cream which is infused with advanced Alpha Cure Complex, hydrating coconut water & natural vitamin C from green tea & sweet orange that not control the greasy skin but also protects & nourish the skin.

  1. Use a skin loving sunscreen:
    It is very essential to apply a sunscreen lotion that helps to filter out the UV rays attacking your skin. The power of UV rays is a lot higher in the summers. For Indian summers, utilizing a sunscreen with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 SPF or more is advisable. Ensure you apply the sunscreen 20-30 minutes before stepping outside. Be liberal with the application and don't hesitate to use it several times in day as it only works for few hours. Using sunscreen will help to secure your skin from harsh sun. Utilize a waterproof sunscreen in the event that you wish to do water exercises.

  2. Add a dose of extra hydration & refreshment in your routine:
    Trust a face mist consistently to help you cool off during this extended length of sun exposure. A face mist revives the skin and keeps it adjusted for the duration of the day. Good face mists should be loaded with nutrients and cell reinforcements that likewise offer skin benefits. Use Ayouthveda Ocean Dew Mist & Floral Breeze Mist made with skin loving elixirs that deliver long lasting refreshment and energizes dull looking skin immediately.
  3. Wash your hair frequently:
    To get off that daily sweat and dirt trapped in your hair, it is said to wash your hair on alternate days, but doing it with a Chemical based shampoo will damage your hair more and more every time you wash. Use a natural chemical free shampoo to wipe up the daily summer mess, try Ayouthveda healthy hair shampoo which is a 2 & 1 solution for lustrous hair which gently removes excessive oil from the hair shafts without disturbing the integrity of hair, delivers natural moisturizing effects and puts back the silkiness into the hair.

We hope you have saved all the tips & now feel completely ready to cherish summers with “no worries” of face, hair & skin damage. Follow these steps and see the change.

                          Happy Summer Time !!