3 Yoga Postures for a glowing Skin

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3 Yoga postures for glowing skin

The central objective of Yoga is to transform one’s boy and mind. Practicing a few asanas on a regular basis can help to detoxify your body and bring you a sense of tranquility, which in turn leads to glowing skin without having to spend a huge amount on beauty treatments. Some of the most effective Yoga Asanas for a radiant skin are:

Surya Namaskar:

Surya Namaskar

The surya namaskar includes a series of 12 postures and is usually called the mother of all yoga asanas. This particular asana is a comprehensive cycle of effectual yoga poses that have a wonderful impact on one’s body shape, flexibility, skin tone and texture, not-to-mention overall wellness.



Pranayam includes breathing and meditation exercises that specially reduce anxiety and increase calmness, which is beneficial for a person’s overall health. Deep breathing exercises transfer more oxygen into  your body system on a regular basis, thus making the skin slow naturally. 



This asana is vital for all those who wish to have a radiant and glowing complexion by practising yoga poses. This pose helps you to concentrate on your rhythmic and deep breathing, which is one of the essential components for healthy skin.