10 Best Ways to look after your hair during monsoon


No matter how old we get, we all relish “Rain” just like a five-year-old kid. The thunder sound of clouds, breezing winds & falling water droplets that the monsoon brings is a flashback of childhood memories of masala tea, sizzling pakora’s & of course that sweet scolding we all get from our mothers during monsoon. With so much beautiful to experience in this season, there is one thing that trouble all of us. Yes, you guess it right those unavoidable “Hair trouble”.

During monsoon the increased humidity in the air, frequent washing & hair drying keeps hair roots a lot fragile & make them prone to breakage. So here we’re debunking some very resourceful tips & tricks to protect your hair from monsoon troubles & enjoy the season with all your heart.

TIP #1 Cover up your head with a stylish scarf Monsoon is a go-to style season for all, therefore to keep hair protected from those humid winds that take natural moisture of the hair away & to stay on with the latest trends. Keep your head covered with a scarf, cap, or any other cloth. It will help avoid that unwanted hair damage.

TIP #2 Use a sulfate-free shampoo to rinse hair. It is normal to shed 80-100 hair daily but when the number goes on the higher side, especially during monsoon it is time to switch on Ayouthveda’s 100% natural sulfate-free, anti-hairfall shampoo that not only prevents hair fall but also keeps hair & scalp moisture intact. Helping you to get that perfect monsoon selfies.

TIP #3 Avoid using hot water during a shower. Taking bath with warm water may give a comforting feeling but is really devastating for your hair. On rainy days the hair itself losses its natural oil & on it giving your hair a treat of a hot bath can make it more prone to breakage. So instead try to go for a lukewarm water shower to prevent hair damage.

TIP #4 Let your hair dry on its own, and avoid a heat dryer. During monsoon, hair washing is an often practice that leaves hair freezy, fragile & dry. Therefore to avoid more frizziness to the hair always towel or air your hair & say a big no to that high electric dryer that contributes to a large amount of heat to the hair.

TIP #5 Avoid tying your hair while they are wet. Damp hair is always more prone to breakage & works as a breeding ground for various scalp infections especially during monsoons when drying your hair is a task every time you wash hair. A simple tip that can help prevent breakage is to avoid tying hair when it’s wet. Instead, you can cover your hair with a micro-fiber towel or cotton t-shirt until the excessive water is soaked well & then let it air dry.

TIP #6 Apply water-based hair tonic to avoid breakage. While dealing with so much damage your hair asks for something more nutritious during the monsoon than those conventional hair serums. Try giving your hair a nutritional treat of water-based, non-sticky Ayouthveda’s anti-hair fall tonic made with 42 herbal botanicals including onion, amla, fenugreek, etc. that will not only prevent hair breakage both also shield guard your breakage-prone hair from further damage.

TIP #7 Give your hair a protein-rich oil massage twice weekly. If you want your hair to thank you later, then don’t forget to add a weekly champis to your good monsoon routine. A good protein-rich oil massage not only nourishes hair & scalp but also restores that lost moisture. Try to use Ayouthveda’s protein hair oil made with 9 oils & herbs. Dry & normal hair can leave it on overnight, oily hair must leave it for a couple of hours before washing for frizz-free, stronger hair.

TIP #8 Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle knots in hair Being wisely gentle on your hair during monsoon is a key to healthy hair. Brittle hair roots & frizzy hair naturally tend to shed more. Therefore avoid such damage always avoid those small tooth tale combs instead go for wide-tooth brushes to detangle knots. They will not just smoothly flatten hair but also reduce friction & minimize breakage.

TIP #9 Say no to hair spray or gel in monsoon. As for transitioning weather, hair is bound to go through a lot of changes & one of the most effective ways to stay away to protect hair from monsoon hair trouble is to go basic. Avoid using those harsh hair sprays or gel which too can lead to breakage. Instead, go natural & try using Ayouthveda’s aloe vera gel to prevent frizziness. It will also help prevent those scalp infections, reduce hair damage & add shine to the hair.

TIP #10 Use satin silk rubber bands to tie hair. Tight rubber bands, preferred to tie hair especially when wet, can cause a lot more breakage than you ever imagine. So to avoid that use hair-ties that have a less strong grip or turn to satin scrunchies that are more kind & soft to your hair. We hope our top #10 tips will help you slay more & stress less in the season of love & memories.

                                                Happy monsoon !!!!