Why are Parabens unhealthy for Skin?

Why are Parabens unhealthy for Skin?

 Everyday new skincare products are bombarded in the marketplace and we are becoming highly choosy about what we should use on our skin. What’s the latest buzz you came across:

Paraben Free
What are parabens? Are they actually harmful for your Skin health?


Parabens can be understood as the preservatives that are commonly used in beauty products like soaps, cleansers, lotions etc. Parabens are usually used to improve the age of products so that they can last for years. There are different types of parabens- butylparaben, propylparaben etc. We can’t say they are completely bad but yes, they do affect your skin in following ways:


  • Allergic to skin – Paraben causes many reactions that create allergies and in the long run it further leads to skin irritation.


  • Can create reproductive complications: Researches prove that it contributes to the adverse health effects in male, female and children also.


  • Pre- Mature ageing---Most of the time when you use beauty products that contain paraben, it may be damaging your skin directly and may cause premature ageing.


  • Toxic for our eco- System – Although the consumer base of paraben products is very vast, several studies have proved that it is very harmful for your skin as well as environment.


In a world, where you are very aware about the products you use, sometimes overlook ingredients which are harmful. Durability v/s quality creates chaos in everybody’s mind and eventually you have to settle for one feature only. There is a very famous saying:


“When getting gold, why settle for bronze”


We at Ayouthveda present you a gold class natural solution that ends this chaos. Nature always has all the solutions & we are enrooted in nature itself. We understood your needs and came up with a range of products that are:

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  • Hand crafted

We believe in providing you a long lasting and beautifying experience for your skin. We assure that you get faster results even without using harsh chemical based products. Now it’s the perfect time for skin conscious people like you, to make a cosmic connection with nature so


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